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Wusthof Thermo Beech Wood Magnetic Holder 40cm


An eye-catcher in the kitchen

The slim, rectangular holder made from thermo beech and a magnetic strip has an impressively simple, perfectly executed design to ensure that it will be a real eye-catcher in the kitchen. There is a visible 4cm wide magnetic strip along the entire length, mounted flush with the wood. This means that both materials form a uniform surface onto which the various knives can be positioned as required.

The interplay between the dark brown tones of the wood and the matt grey-brown strip results in an aesthetically pleasing and timeless product. The WÜSTHOF logo appears in the form of a simple stamp on the holder, rounding off an accomplished brand identity. The advantages of using a magnetic strip as opposed to ordinary magnetic tracks are clear. Firstly, the soft material prevents the blades from getting scratched - as they would on the stainless steel used until now - and, secondly, the entire length of the holder is magnetic. This means that the 40cm long holder provides continuous and safe storage for around eight knives.

The holder is remarkably simple to install - thanks to the mounting bracket on the back, it can be mounted on two small screws on the wall. A drilling template is provided for the precise positioning of the screws!

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40cm long, 6cm high, 3.5cm deep, 670g