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Siconi Sticky Pad Grey Medium


Siconi is your stick anything, anywhere, anything fun adhesive. Perfect for posting pictures, reminder noted and recipes or organising your office! Forget tape, glue and stick pins (Ouch!). There are endless uses for your home, school, office and even your car.

Made of soft-high-grade silicone, easy on, easy off

Sticks to most surfaces: glass, tile, computer, refrigerators, etc.

Anti-slide surface, perfect for your car dashboard

Reusable and easy to clean with soap and water

Eco-friendly, BPA-free, non-toxic & odour free

withstands heat to 60C

Withstands cold to -20C

Medium Size: 19 x 13 cm (7.5" x 5.1")

Siconi Sticky Pad Grey MediumSKU: 325212GY
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