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The FIRM: Total Body Cardio & Toning Kit


Total Body Cardio & Toning Kit

Total Body Cardio & Toning Kit 3 Workouts on 1 DVD!

  • Fat Burning Cardio - Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn -
  • Total Body Time Crunch - PLUS - The FIRM Toning Resistance Cord
  • The FIRM Toning Cord - This light resistance, high-quality cord features handles for added comfort to help melt fat and sculpt a lean shapely body!
  • The FIRM Fat-Burning Cardio Toning DVD - FIRM Instructor Tina Smalley shows you how to tighten and tone a beautiful upper body while you sculpt & define a lean lower body and strong flat abs! Approx. Running Time: 30 minutes
  • The FIRM Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn DVD - FIRM Instructor Alison Davis developed this ultra-fat burning workout that combines Bootcamp training with cardio drills. The moves are easy to follow so that anyone can do them. Approx. Running Time: 50 Minutes
  • The FIRM Total Body Time Crunch DVD - Led by FIRM Instructor Rebekah Sturkie, it combines high-energy cardio moves with targeted body shaping exercises in heart-pumping in
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