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Side Sleeper's Adjustable Pillow

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Do you sleep on your side? - this pillow was made for you!

This pillow helps to keep your head and neck comfortably aligned when you sleep on your side. You can even use two or three of the inserts to suit the depth of your shoulder – there are two soft, washable, cotton covers to fit each size. The memory foam moulds to your shape for even greater comfort and support – this could be every side-sleeper’s dream come true! Measures 67L x 50D cm.
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-Features and Benefits:
This u-shaped pillow adjusts to different heights to properly align the head and spine of side sleepers to ensure a more comfortable, better night's sleep
Inner cover: jersey; outer cover:cotton fabric & memory foam                                       
50 D x 67 W x 15 H cm, 2.2 Kg.
-Included Parts:
One of Side Sleeper's adjustable Pillow and two pillow cases (one for 3 inserts & one for 2 inserts)