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Global 2 Stage Ceramic Water Sharpener Black


Maintain the razor edge of your GLOBAL knives with this efficient manual 2 stage sharpener. Its coarse and fine wheels hone the blade to razor sharpness in stages, while a water slurry keeps the blade and wheels clean during operation. The Global ceramic water stone sharpener consists of two ceramic wheels. The first stage is a white coarse wheel and the second stage is a Pink fine wheel for a complete sharpening process. Since the sharpening groove is not parallel, the oblique angle of the ceramic wheel is able to restore the razor sharpness of the knife. The Number of strokes required will depend on the condition of the knife, but it's recommend for 7-8 strokes on each wheel for Global knives and 15 strokes for other brands to start with. If more is required, repeat with another 15 strokes on each wheel. This ceramic water sharpener has been tested and approved by CATRA, the foremost Authority on knife sharpening techniques, based in Sheffield, England.
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