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Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Large Storage Tin 3.65 Litre Red


A great excuse to keep your supply of cookies stocked up and ready to hand beside the kettle, this deep red Typhoon Storage Canister will make a striking addition to any kitchen, whether up-to-the-minute or modishly vintage.

The 10 pre-printed labels that come with this smart cookie jar suggest you could fill it with cereal, rice, oats and bagels among other things and the airtight silicone seal guarantees your sweet treats or store cupboard staples will stay really fresh. You could even use it as a bread bin to store a couple of smaller loaves or rolls.

- 3.65L, 19cm Dia. x 20cm H.

- Interchangeable contents label, comes with 10 pre-printed labels

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Large Storage Tin 3.65 Litre RedSKU: 1400593
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