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Rosendahl Grand Cru Bordeaux Red Wine Glass 2 pcs


Born in 1984 the Rosendahl Copenhagen brand has always been associated with practical, clean-cut design at a reasonable price. This brand is an ideal encounter of creativity and structure.

The shape of your red wine glass is very important to the way the wine will taste. If you have to choose just one glass for red wine, the tulip shape of the Bordeaux glass is ideal for many types of wine. The shape of the glass gives the wine both room to develop and concentrates the aroma. The simple design means that the glass can be combined with many different kinds of tableware.

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  • Brand: Rosendahl
  • Colour : Clear
  • Material: Lead-free glass
  • Diameter : 9cm
  • Height: 22.8cm
  • Volume : 45 centiliter
  • Dishwasher-safe at temperatures of up to 50-55°C.