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Prepara Healthy Oil Mister and Herb Savor Gift Set

The Prepara Healthy Gift Set makes the perfect present for the culinary enthusiast. This “Spice it Up!” Gift set includes a Herb Savor to keep herbs fresher for longer; a glass oil mister that ensure a thin even coating of oil on pans and even on salads. The set also includes a Spice It Up! Soups, Sauces, Dressings recipe book. Everything is included to help the receiver make the most delicious meals, dressing, soups and more. In fact, this gift might just have to come with one condition – an invitation to their next BBQ!


  • Herb Savor
  • Glass Oil Mister
  • Spice It Up! Recipe Book

Features of the Prepara Healthy Gift Set:

  • An equally perfect for gift for the home chef and also for the cooking enthusiast
  • Quality construction
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use tools, that will help in the kitchen
  • The Herb Savor not only keeps your herbs fresher for longer but also looks smart on your kitchen worktop
  • Add herbs to the oil mister for added infused flavour in your recipes.