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Tefal Unlimited Induction Non-Stick Grill Pan 26cm x 26cm


The unmistakable sizzle of chicken tossed into the pan, the clatter of utensils, and the quick slide of a spatula at just the right moment... Extreme cooking calls for cookware that can withstand extreme conditions. The Tefal Ultimate range is bringing together the all-new Titanium Anti-Scratch coating—offering outstanding non-stick durability that can withstand even metal utensils. Add that to an extra-thick Thermo-Fusion™ + base, the Tefal Unlimited non-stick frypan takes cooking performance to a whole new level. Features: • Better anti-scratch non-stick coating: maximum resistance for a frying pan that fears no spatula and lasts up to 6 times longer • 100% safe non-stick coating: 0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium • Start cooking indicator: a non-stick pan enhanced with thermo-signal™ technology, changing colour at the optimal temperature to start cooking for perfect searing • Fast and even cooking: thanks to superior induction technology • Ideal for multiple recipes: reverse sear steak, tender salmon, sautéed vegetables, etc. • Generous portions: a pan with extra deep shape • Made in France: high-quality frypan designed and made in France • Compatible with all hobs: including induction • Eco-friendly: recyclable products
Tefal Unlimited Induction Non-Stick Grill Pan 26cm x 26cmSKU: G2554033
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