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Neoflam Marble 20cm Casserole 2.40L Induction

The Marble collection is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The unique exterior octagonal, luxurious marble finishing and the Ecolon Natural Non-Stick ceramic coating provides healthy toxin-free cooking surface. Complete with a steam-vented all glass lid. The Marble collection is a stunning combination of function and elegance.

Ecolon Natural Non-Stick Coating - The Healthy Choice for Nonstick Cookware is a  ceramic-based coating, mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material commonly found in natural elements such as stone and sand.

The EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is nontoxic PFOA and PTFE-free, offers an environmentally friendly, perfectly safe cooking.

Lightweight body with octagonal exterior wall design

Casseroles include All-Glass lid,  safe to use in the oven

Transitions from stove to oven to table with ease

Seamlessly-integrated handles

High heat conductivity for even heat distribution, fast cooking & reduced energy consumption.

Oven safe to 250°C