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Chasseur Rectangular Enamelled Cast Iron Roast Pan 40x26cm Dusk Grey


Use Chasseur's Roasting Pan for your Sunday Roast (or everyday roast for that matter!). Great for meat and vegetables. You can use the roasting pan to caramelise your ingredients on stove top before putting in the oven. It is also beautiful enough to serve directly to your table! This product is made in France. It provides all the benefits of cooking with cast-iron including compatibility with use of induction and other cook tops.



Made in France - produced in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, known the world over for its fine food and wine.

Each piece of Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is Unique - every piece is hand cast in individual sand moulds which are destroyed after each use.

Manual Enamelling Process - the trademark Chasseur coloured enamel is skillfully applied by hand to each unique piece by trained experts.

Optimal Gauge on All Pieces - to promote unsurpassed heat distribution and retention and no hot spots.

Environmentally Friendly - Chasseur uses up to 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Suitable for all Heat Sources Including Induction

Beautiful enough to use from the stove top or oven - straight to the table top.

Oven Safe to 250°C

Lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer faults and defects

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