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Tanita BC-541 InnerScan Full Body Composition Monitor Scale


The Tanita BC-541 Body Composition Monitor provides you with a snap shot of your inner health. Using Bio Impendence Analysis technology the BC-541 measures your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration, BMR, metabolic age and provide you with a physique rating. The BC-541 allows you to track the progress of your workouts and dieting with its recall function and 4 memory setting feature. Monitoring the progress of exercise with the help of the BC-541 is important to keep you motivated.


150kg weight capacity

Adult, child and athlete mode

Healthy range indicator

60mm LCD readout

Kilo / pound / stone switch

4-memory setting

Guest mode feature

Weight only button

Healthy Children’s Body Fat Range (7-17 years)

Recall - Displays previous weight and body fat


2 x lithium long life batteries

5-year warranty



Visceral fats

Physique rating

Body fats in increments of 0.1%

Total body water percentage

Muscle mass

Bone mass

Basal Metabolic Range (BMR) and calculates metabolic age up to 50 years

Total weight in increments of 0.1kg

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Brand: Tanita

Model: BC-541


• Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)

• Advanced Dual Frequency (ADF)

• Transparent Electrodes