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The FIRM Cardio Dance & Pilates Kit

Your ultimate fat-burning kit!

The FIRM: Cardio Dance & Pilates Kit 3 Workouts on 1 DVD!

- Sculpt & Tone Pilates - Burn & Shape - Cardio Dance Slim Down - PLUS - The FIRM Pilates Band The FIRM Pilates Band - The FIRM Pilates Band works wonders - and you'll be amazed how you could see results this quickly!

  • The FIRM Sculpt & Tone Pilates DVD - Pilates is a gentle workout that delivers surprising effects. The natural, gradual stretching movements give you slender thighs, flat abdominals, and a strong back with overall total body strength & flexibility with zero impact. Approx. Running Time: 30 Minutes
  • The FIRM Burn & Shape DVD - Created by FIRM Instructor Emily Welsh to help transform your physique. Quick changes from cardio to sculpting boost your energy level and sculpt your body slim. Approx. Running Time: 40 Minutes
  • The FIRM Cardio Dance Slim Down DVD - Dance your way to a slimmer you. Led by FIRM Instructor Allie Del Rio Pointer, these dance -inspired, low-impact moves work your entire