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Lenoxx CR72 Sleek Projector Clock AM FM Radio


Enjoy your morning – remastered – with this Sleek Projector Clock Radio.

The simple way to modernise your morning is here. Experience an innovative wake-up call, with this clock radio with a difference.

 Within its modern, cylinder design is an in-built projector, ready to help you start your day with a bright time display on your ceiling. Enjoy AM or FM radio, 20 storable pre-set radio stations (10 for AM stations and 10 for FM stations) and a dual alarm system, for the perfect functionality of a clock radio. Set the alarms with a buzzer sound, which illuminates a bell icon on the display or set with radio tunes, which illuminates a music note icon on the display.

 With a green LED display and a contrasting red LED projection hue, this unique projection clock also features a unique sleep countdown timer in increments of ten from 90-10 minutes, counting down until automatic shutoff for when its sleep time. The projector focus dial helps ensure full visibility on the surfaces of the ceiling. Enjoy a very large snooze button when 9 more minutes of sleep is absolutely necessary.

This clock radio’s battery back-up offers security for your early starts, ensuring your clock remains charged without any unwanted interruptions.

• Features: AM/FM radio, in-built projector to display time on ceiling, large number display, dual alarm, 10 storable pre-set AM radio stations, 10 storable pre-set FM radio stations, large snooze button, sleep countdown timer, battery back-up

• LED Colour: Green

• Projection Colour: Red

• AM Frequency Range: 540-1600 KHz

• FM Frequency Range: 88-108 MHz

• Measurements: 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 14.1cm

• Weight: 424g

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