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Vornado 633DC Energy Smart™ Medium Air Circulator White


The Vornado 633DC Energy Smart™ circulator gives you up to 80% energy efficiency with its powerful DC-motor that moves air up to 24 metres. Simple variable speed control gives you precise control of the signature “Vortex Action” creates whole-room circulation, keeping the entire room cool and comfortable.

The Vornado 633DC comes with a variable speed settings to adjust airflow from whisper quiet to a powerful high setting for quick room circulation, multi-directional airflow and a 5 Year Replacement Warranty. This Air Circulator can be placed on the floor or tabletop. Maintaining the 633DC is simple with a detachable grill that provides easy access to the blades for cleaning.

Unlike typical fans, a Vornado creates whole room circulation using an airflow phenomenon called “Vortex Action”. An inlet guide cone directs air to the most efficient portion of the blades. In turn, the wide, heavily contoured blades churn the air into motion. The air then travels through a duct which sculpts the air into a column shape. As the air exits the Air Circulator, Vornado’s AirTensity™ Grill straightens the airflow to ensure the air travels long distances. The airflow column will spin and twirl to the opposite corner hitting the wall where it will split of and recirculate to the centre of the room.


•  Whole Room Vortex Air Circulation.

•  Moves Air Up to 24m.

•  Easy To Clean.

•  Up To 80% More Energy-Efficient.

•  More Powerful Airflow.

•  Whisper Quiet.

•  Precise Control – 99 Speeds.

•  5 Year Replacement Warranty

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Warranty             5 Year

Number of Speed Settings  Variable

Control Style      Mechanical Switch

Remote                No

Item Weight       2.2kg

Item Height        34.9cm

Item Depth         21.9cm

Item Width         30.5cm

Grill Diameter    23.8cm

Blade Diameter 23cm

High Speed CFM               435

Low Speed CFM               92

High Speed dB   58

Low Speed dB   30

High Speed RPM              1800

Low Speed RPM               400

Hertz     50 Hz

Volts      40

Power Cord Length         1.8m.