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Stephen Wilkes Day to Night Stonehenge Uk 1060pc


Stephen Wilkes’s extraordinary panoramas depict our most famous landmarks from dawn to dusk. He captures thousands of single exposures, carefully editing and blending them into one seamless composition that shows the passage of time. With details highlighting the individual stories captured within each multi-moment image, this collection unveils a new way of seeing some of the world’s most iconic locations

Stephen Wilkes is a contemporary American photographer whose inventive technique allows him to capture the passage of time in a single image. In his Day to Night series, he photographs major metropolises and landscapes using two cameras—one which records daylight, the other night—blending the two together using a computer program, resulting in unreal panoramic images. “I like to describe myself as a collector of magical moments,” he has explained. “When people can see time, the face of time in a way, it’s this thing we can never put our hands around. But yet, when you look at it, it makes you feel a different way and there's an emotional thing that happens and that's exciting.”

Stephen Wilkes has teamed up with 4D Brands International to launch a full puzzle collection of the Day to Night Series. With over forty epic images to come, you can expect to experience all the famous moments that Stephen captured during that particular time and place

1060 Pieces 39.13 x 13.8” in • 99.4 x 35.1 cm

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