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The Firm Cardio Gloves Kit


The Firm Weighted Cardio Gloves Kit with DVD

The Firm Cardio Gloves Kit will get you jumping, kicking, crunching and punching your way to a more beautiful, well-defined shape. The 20-minute, non-stop workout combines cardio intervals with sculpting moves for maximum calorie and fat burning. Each powerful combination targets specific trouble spots. Before it's over, you've had one intense head-to-toe body-shaping experience. Weighted Cardio Gloves are made of neoprene for a soft, comfortable fit. They're easy to pack and a fun way to mix up your daily workout. One size fits all. Two-1 lb. Weighted Cardio Gloves

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Brand: The Firm by Gaiam

Colour: Pink

Set of two 1 lb (450 gr) gloves